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Establishment of companies and quick
exchange of documents
Opportunity to send documents via
Internet is an alternative for business people
who want to improve the information exchange.
Having troubles
filling a tax return?
Don't know which relief is better or which
form to choose? We will fill your tax declaration for you
and we will answer all of your questions.
We offer professional services
in the area of: bookkeeping,
HR and payroll and consulting services.
Modern solutions
Professional accounting services
based on modern IT solutions
will improve the efficiency of your company management.

More than accountancy

Comprehensive and professional solutions for business.

Our accounting services are for business entities, who wish to focus their time solely on the development of their company. By employing our accounting office you gain precious time and security of conducted business, leaving the formalities to professionals. We ensure the highest quality and reliability of bookkeeping.


Tax help and consulting

  • Bookkeeping, keeping the revenue and expense ledger, revenue registry for lump-sum income tax, sales and purchase ledger for Value Added Tax, records of fixed assets, intangible and legal assets as well as equipment;
  • Preparation of monthly income statements; preliminary and final income tax statements; Central Statistical Office (CSO) declarations, as well as preparation and analysis of the balance, profit and loss account and cash flow statement;
  • Representation of the taxpayer in Tax Offices and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), on the basis of notarial power of attorney;
  • Preparation and modification of corporate chart of accounts

Comprehensive and professional

  • Running personnel documentation, documentation concerning vacations;
  • Preparation of employment contracts, notices and termination of employment contract, employment certificates, payrolls including: sick leaves, vacations, bonuses and deductions, social insurance statements, information for employees on Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) RMUA forms, yearly income statements for employees (PIT-11, PIT-8B) and people employed on the basis of other contracts;
  • Consulting in HR and payroll;
  • Handling of civil law contracts: commission, for performing a specified task and others.

Full range of services

  • Advice and consulting for natural persons and legal entities, also in the area of form and consequences of liquidation; liquidation execution – preparation of statements, notices;
  • Consulting in the area of tax burden minimization;
  • Preparation of loan documents and cooperation with banks during preparation of loan application documentation, business plan and economic and financial analyses, registration documents, forms and applications.
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Our accounting services are for business entities, who wish to focus their time solely on the development of their company.

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