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PRO-TAX Accounting Office

Offering comprehensive accountancy and bookkeeping services

Our accounting office provides reliable and professional help in the area of accounting services, HR and payroll and tax consulting. We provide full bookkeeping services to customers with different business profile. We offer accountancy for commercial partnerships as well as small and medium enterprises. Also sole proprietorship owners turn to us, asking for assistance with bookkeeping.

Our accounting services are for business entities, who wish to focus their time solely on the development of their company. By employing our accounting office you gain precious time and security of conducted business, leaving the formalities to professionals. We ensure the highest quality and reliability of bookkeeping.

Choosing our accounting office from Bydgoszcz you gain assistance of professionals with appropriate qualifications, education and experience. With our help accountancy brings substantial financial savings, connected with the reduced costs of employment, workplace equipment, trainings, potential sick leaves and vacations. When entrusting us with accountancy and bookkeeping you pay only for the work actually done. We provide a wide range of accounting and professional tax consulting services.

Caring about complete satisfaction of our clients, our agreement guarantees collection of documents directly from your headquarters.
High quality of our services and our professional knowledge, required by bookkeeping and accountancy, is proven by a wide range of satisfied customers.

Why us?

Comprehensive and professional solutions for business.

Estimated and prepayment taxes
Revenue and Expense Ledger
Full bookkeeping
HR and Payroll
Integration with bank account
Automatic generation of transfers to Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
Dedicated accountant
Dedicated bookkeeping specialist
Access to the online system
Your representative
Tax optimization
Monthly company balance
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